Specials II

FROG GIRL: The Jenifer Graham Story

When Jenifer Graham refuses to dissect a frog in her high school biology class, she has no idea she is about to embroil herself in a controversy that will stretch from the local School Board to the California State Legislature and turn her into a media star around the world. Based on the real-life incident, Frog Girl is the story of a young woman who refuses to do what she feels is wrong and stands up for student’s rights to make ethical choices. Produced by Eagle/Horowitz Productions, Inc. GENESIS Award winner.

Starring: Ellen Dunning, Kerrie Keane, and Lesley-Anne Down

Subject Areas: Contemporary Issues, Ethics, Students Rights, Animal Rights, Vegetarianism,

Length: 44 minutes

Age Appropriateness: 12 years old and above

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                                                                             TWO TEENS AND A BABY


Teenage brothers Brian and Chris are angry and embarrassed when their parents announce that there will be a new baby in the family. “You mean, you still, uh, do it? And why didn’t you take precautions?” Life gets pretty frantic for them when the baby arrives. Then one night, Brian, Chris and baby Katy are on their own, and the boys quickly learn what it really means to love and take care of a baby. Produced and Directed by David J. Eagle for David Eagle Productions. Inc., and CBS. Two EMMY Award nominations.

Starring: Robert Picardo, Maureen Flannigan and Jim Calvert

Subject Areas: Family Life Education, Values, Responsibility,

Length: 45 minutes

Age Appropriateness: 13 years and above

Price: $49.95 plus shipping for VHS or DVD. Click here to ORDER